Annual Pistol Report Weeping Water Gun Club January 2020, preliminary

Annual Pistol Report Weeping Water Gun Club January 2020, preliminary

The Weeping Water Gun Club held several events in 2019 for Pistol.  We hold three very competitive events:  a State Championship, a Regional, and a Preliminary Tryout for the US Olympic team.

We hold eleven events for the casual, club, fun shooter.  Civilian Marksmanship Program .22 pistol, CMP Service Pistol, and NRA Revolver events.  These are all thirty shots on a Saturday afternoon for most all .22’s, .38’s, 40’s, 9mm, and .45’s.  Most of the events offer Qualification Pins for minimum gold, silver, and bronze scores.  These are designed for the average club member,  guy or gal to come out and have fun.  Bring you Brother, or neighbor, or son or wife or daughter.  Don’t miss out! Dig your gun out of the safe or closet, bring a box of shells, and come out and have some fun.

In May we held a Conventional Bullseye 2700(Precision Pistol) State Championship won by SGT Jon Rosene for several years in a row.   Duane Hurt from Red Oak, Iowa was the runner-up.  For those who remember, Duane was the TOP GUN at the Olympic Training Center a few years ago.  The Civilian Marksmanship Program .22 match was won by Charlie Daniels, Dr Schlichtemeir was second, and Col Chris Picinni won the Bronze.  Keith Buesing from Iowa won the NRA Revolver event and founding member of the WWGC Charlie Daniels was second and Joe Gillespie from Kansas was third.

In June we held the Preliminary Tryout for the US Olympic team.  Duane Hurt from Red Oak, Iowa mopped up.

In June the Pistol Instruction clinic was full.  The clinic is designed that shooters of all abilities can learn and improve.  This clinic is not only for match shooters, but for all shooters who would like to hit their target with a pistol. It covers everything from ammo, equipment, sights, grips, boxes, spotting scopes, stance, position, air pistol, .22 pistols, centerfire pistols, revolvers and automatics, businesses that deal in equipment, etc.    All in attendance improved objectively in post class shooting.  I recommend that all shooters in all disciplines attend the class.  All the fees are paid to the WWGC and go to the club.  The notebook alone is worth a lot more than the entry fees.  Dr. Schlichtemeier donates his time to teach the class on a Saturday afternoon.

IN August the WWGC held a Precision Pistol 2700 Regional Championship.  We had attendees from several states.  SGT Jon Rosene again smoked the field.  Duane was Silver, and Dennis Rosene, Jon’s father was the Bronze medalist.

The Revolver match was also won by Jon Rosene, with Charlie Daniels second, and Dr. Schlichtemeier third.    Mike Kirstein won a hat trick.  He won the CMP Service Pistol Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, AND the .22 Civilian Marksmanship Program Gold medal.

Three Gold Medals in less than 24 hours.  In addition at the Missouri Match in Bates City, Mike won the Gold again in Service Pistol and .22 CMP pistol.  He will soon become Distinguished.
Fred Chrastil from Lincoln and one of our Senior members won the Silver and Mark Zwicky won the Bronze.

July is the Cornhusker State Games.  We awarded over thirty medals to Experts, Juniors, Ladies, and Novices, and SENIORS, a new category.  The WWGC sponsors .22 Prone, .22 Position, High-power rifle, .22 pistol, Centerfire Pistol.   The games gives many people the opportunity to have fun and maybe win a medal.  The primary gold of the Cornhusker State Games is to participate safely.

Part of the CSG is the Governors’ Ten Pistol Match.  The Presidents 100 is a very, very prestigious event at the National Championships. Several large states:  California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Georgia have a Governors’ Ten.  Governor Rickets sponsors this event for us and the top ten winners get a signed certificate from the Governor, a patch, and a special pin. The event is fired with a .32, .38 or 9mm pistol or revolver. Half is fired at a bullseye type target.  Five sighters, then three targets of ten shots Slow Fire(Precision) one handed.
Then five sights, and three targets at a large combat type target that faces and edges(Duel fire).

So neither the Bullseye nor the PPC, IPC, or Combat type shooters have an advantage. The scores went up on average two points per target for the field and the cut off minimum score went up twenty points from 2018 to 2019. Come out and have some fun and give it a try.  We want this event for the best shooters in the state.

The Governors Ten were:  Dr. Wm Schlichtemeier, SGT Travis Zwickel, Daniel Gillespie, David Anthony, Glenn Ward, Ron Hagen, dMike Kirstein, Steve Ward, Fred Chrastil, Ron Hagen, Austin Adams.

This will be my 35th year as Sports Director for the Cornhusker State Games.  I have been match director for over 310 matches.  That is a lot!  We have a part succession plan to continue these events.  Dan Gillespie, Mike Slater, Dave Anthony, and Art Coate have stepped up to help with the Games and matches.  However, we need many helpers.   Targets, range officers, line officers, state help, range set up, target repair.  This is a large money maker for our club bringing in over $3,000 per year.

Every member need to participate in some fashion:  enter an event or two, help with another event you are not shooting in.  If you can’t do that sponsor an event monetarily to buy the cardboards, target, medals, t-shirts.

We thank the 360 Rifle and Pistol Club for loaning the Pistol Target equipment for our matches as long as we hold matches at the WWGC.

We also than the many volunteers this past year:  Daniel Gillespie, Art Coat, Gene Kathol, Ray Ferber, Warren Harbin, Larry Schmid, Mike Kirstein, Larry Kirstein, Larry Vesco, Wm Cover, Bruce Meyer, Randy Doolittle, Bruce Gregory, King Bogardus, Jeanette Schlichtemeier, Ron Grasnick, Charlie Daniels, Fred Chrastil, Mike Benham, Andy Eglite, Wm Finnewald, Scott Bagnell, Don Hamilton, Peter Bell, Paul Trout, Kelley Flint,  George Vogel,  George Sefzik, and Sue Hammer and Emmit.

Dr. Schlichtemeier